NARIS Cosmetics is known as a brand specializing in the production and distribution of skincare, makeup, and beauty products, with a history of over 90 years. Recently, LYYM Beauty had the opportunity to visit the NARIS Cosmetics factory in Kobe.

Today, let’s meet Takagi Hiroshi, who is:
🔰CEO – Director of NARIS Cosmetics
🔰President of AJESTHE, the Association of Japanese Estheticians and Beauty Therapists

✨Under the management and leadership of Mr. Takagi Hiroshi, NARIS Cosmetics’ products are increasingly trusted by customers both domestically and internationally. Additionally, this talented man demonstrates his importance in shaping and developing the beauty industry in Japan.

We hope that in the future, the collaborative relationship between NARIS Cosmetics and LYYM Beauty will grow stronger and more enduring.


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