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The purpose of LYYM BEAUTY is to bring valuable services to the community and society. Connecting with experts in each field and quickly grasping market trends is our strength. Professionally and Effectively.

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Strategy & Planning

We can work with you to understand relevant market developments, assist you to frame your strategy and transformational roadmap for the future, and to establish an effective and efficient set up – all of which help make it clear what your business stands for when it comes to customer centricity.


Work with experts in each field. Diversified connection, effective business combination.


Capture the market and make strategic planning with experts who have advised more than hundreds of companies in Japan and abroad. We help organisations to achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market by putting customer outcomes at the centre of every decision.

Education for underprivileged Children in Vietnam

The program will focus on responsibly reducing school fees for underprivileged children in Vietnam, until they become 18-year-old. Bring children closer to their dreams, education is the best way – the chance to change their lives and  become a person they wish to become in the future.

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