Founded in May 2018 under the leadership of the young CEO, Ly My Dung, LYYM Beauty quickly sailed into the vast ocean and gradually became a familiar brand among the Vietnamese community in Japan. It can be said that LYYM Beauty is one of the successful Vietnamese brands that have opened new paths for foreigners in the most demanding market and serves as a testament to the talent of the young generation in Vietnam.

1. The grand mission of a brand born for women

After more than 5 years of accompanying and taking care of the knowledge and appearance of hundreds of women, LYYM Beauty remains true to its mission set from the very beginning:

“To bring GOODNESS and BEAUTY to the Vietnamese community in Japan and Vietnam, especially for women.”

 The company’s noble mission revolves around helping women achieve Financial Independence – Beautifying themselves – Pursuing their passions. With a diverse range of premium courses and cosmetics, all produced in the land of the rising sun – Japan, LYYM Beauty is not merely a beauty brand but also aims for the great values of women.

2. Business “ecosystem” geared towards women and the foreign community in Japan

Is it a daring move for a company to choose to develop a business ecosystem with diverse fields, including beauty training, cosmetics manufacturing, functional food, F&B business, legal consulting, and business establishment? But that’s how LYYM Beauty creates unique touch points for its customers. The path is full of challenges with sweet rewards at the destination.

 2.1. LYYM Beauty Academy – Specialized academy for training and awarding Japanese Esthetics beauty certifications

 As the ONLY place that supports employment and practical experience in SPA for students and the FIRST and ONLY beauty academy recognized by the Japan Esthetics Association (AJESTHE) for the Vietnamese community in Japan, LYYM Beauty Academy aims to inspire and create job opportunities for women.

 “The balance between family and work in Japan is quite distinct: men work outside, women work at home.” Although gender gaps and stereotypes about women working have been gradually eliminated, many Vietnamese women in Japan, whether students or housewives, still struggle to find their own direction or lack conditions for development.

 To answer the question, “How can women achieve financial independence in life?”, LYYM Beauty Academy was born.

 2.2. LYYM Cosme – A brand specializing in cosmetics and functional foods

 In addition to enhancing intellectual beauty, LYYM Beauty also wholeheartedly cares for the external beauty of women. And that’s how LYYM Cosme entered the market.

Many women are often too busy with the daily grind and nameless tasks, and they do not frequently research beauty trends.

Products from LYYM Cosme are derived from nature, manufactured by leading factories in Japan, adjusted to suit the skin and physique of Vietnamese people, ensuring high quality. And especially, the cost is optimized to provide affordable and best-priced products for customers. Additionally, LYYM Cosme serves as a retail channel for students of Lyym Beauty Academy, offering high-quality skincare and functional food products at the best prices.

2.3. LYYM HAIR SALON – Japanese-standard Beauty Spa

 Similar to LYYM Cosme, LYYM Hair Salon also aims to nurture hair health, transform hair appearance, and nails. LYYM Hair Salon is ready to take care of every customer experience from space, machinery to the skills of staff. How can every woman feel relaxed when entering and radiate brightness and confidence in every moment when leaving?

 2.4. Ba Con Trau – Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Tokyo

 Ba Con Trau is a Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Tokyo for Vietnamese people living far from home and also a destination for Vietnamese cuisine for Japanese people. Gatherings and parties are not only a way to unwind after a tiring day but also a way to connect the Vietnamese community in Japan. Besides, the restaurant also offers a lunch buffet (with one main dish and various selected dishes) for only 980 yen. This affordable meal is suggested to give students and the Vietnamese community an opportunity to taste the familiar flavors of their homeland.

 Furthermore, LYYM Beauty also supports entrepreneurship, OEM collaboration, salon business consulting, and provides specialized machines for students who want to open salons. LYYM Beauty regularly organizes free sharing seminars on important topics such as women’s rights, career orientation, working in a corporate environment, and many other engaging contents. These seminars play a role in providing knowledge and supporting the Vietnamese community living in Japan.

 With such a mission and vision, LYYM Beauty always fulfills its responsibilities to the community and society. LYYM Beauty allocates a portion of its profits to projects that support women.

3. Voices from Users – Highlighting the Devotion

Students at LYYM Beauty Academy feel that they not only learn techniques but also receive genuine encouragement and support from their instructors. For customers using cosmetics and functional foods, they trust in the effectiveness, find joy, and gain confidence in their daily lives.

“Thanks to the events and seminars of LYYM Beauty, I have met many seniors and received valuable insights. LYYM Beauty helped me have a clearer direction for studying abroad in Japan.” – Ms. Kyle Ly, a study abroad student who participated in LYYM Beauty’s program.

LYYM Beauty is not only a beauty brand but also a symbol of determination, unity, and creativity of the Vietnamese people, reaching beyond familiar boundaries and leaving a significant mark in the land of Japan.