Discover the inspiring journey of Ly My Dung, CEO of LYYM Beauty, a renowned beauty brand known for its expertise in aesthetics and socially impactful initiatives. She is not just a businesswoman but a source of inspiration for many. A portrayal of the modern woman: successful, beautiful, ambitious, an embodiment of strength, independence, and compassion. She is dedicated to creating educational, business, and personal development opportunities for women of all ages. For her, business and philanthropy go hand in hand; a company must bring beneficial value to society, creating a foundation of enduring and sustainable value for both the business and the community.

Ly My Dung: A Woman with Big Dreams from a Young Age

The First Steps

Alongside her team, CEO Ly My Dung participated in the establishment and development of LYYM Beauty since its early days in 2018. She has always believed that success comes from relentless effort and unwavering determination to pursue her passions.

Unceasing Growth

Since the establishment of the beauty academy in May 2021, the first foreign academy recognized by the Japan Esthetics Association in Japan, to the signing of a beauty training collaboration with Japan in both Vietnam and Japan in August 2022, as well as the rapid development of the beauty salon and restaurant chains in central Tokyo, CEO Ly My Dung has continuously led LYYM Beauty to expand and flourish. She is not only a CEO but also a friend, mentor, and source of inspiration for her team.

Dreaming of Reaching Across Asia

Ly My Dung didn’t stop at the development of LYYM Beauty; she continued to set big dreams, such as connecting Vietnam with Japan and the world, creating new opportunities and broader growth. She is always confident and determined in pursuing these goals.

Ms. Ly’s Women’s Community Support Mission

Empowering Women and Shaping Their Future

Ms. Ly has dedicated many years to supporting the women’s community, from creating job opportunities for women to engaging in non-profit activities. Since the age of 18, she has been actively involved in promoting education for young children in Vietnam. She strongly believes that financial independence is key to empowering women, and she continuously encourages them to pursue their dreams.

Women are the focus of LYYM Beauty

The essence of LYYM Beauty is to celebrate the natural beauty of women. The company not only focuses on providing high-quality beauty services but also encourages women to be confident in their appearance and in themselves through education and self-improvement. Under the leadership of Ms. Ly, LYYM Beauty has organized numerous events and seminars to educate and change mindsets, providing women with opportunities to receive education from experts, embrace progressive thinking, and help them understand that they deserve respect.

Ly My Dung, the CEO of LYYM Beauty, has continuously strived to break barriers and stereotypes imposed on women. By creating opportunities and providing the best conditions for them, she relentlessly pursues her ideals every day to turn her dreams into reality, shaping a better future for women not only in Japan but also throughout Asia.