More than just a hair salon, LYYM Hair Salon is an ideal destination for pampering and caring for your hair and skin. What can we expect from one of the top-quality salons?

  1. Japanese-standard services At LYYM Hair Salon

We pay attention to every small detail in the beauty process. From carefully placed warm towels to complimentary beverages, we strive for meticulous and precise care, including facial cleansing for our customers. This is how the Japanese satisfy their customers with their exquisite attention to detail.

  1. 100% Made in Japan hair and hair care products 

LYYM Hair Salon proudly uses 100% Made in Japan hair and hair care products. These are renowned brands recommended by experts and trusted by celebrities in the beauty industry. LYYM Hair Salon only trusts products that:

  • Have natural origins
  • Are produced in modern manufacturing facilities
  • Are suitable for various skin types and hair styles 

Therefore, we commit to providing you with the best experiences and maximizing the protection of your hair.

  1. Free product trial opportunities 

LYYM Hair Salon offers free product trials for customers to experience the effectiveness before making a purchase. Only when choosing hair and skin care products that suit their personal needs can customers feel confident in their beauty.

  1. Luxurious space and interior

The space and interior are significant factors that impact the customer’s service experience. 

LYYM Hair Salon boasts a minimalist yet luxurious and spacious design. Soft yellow lighting and gentle gray walls provide a soothing ambiance. 

Each area for hair styling, shampooing, nail care,… is thoughtfully arranged to ensure privacy for customers. The shampoo area features standard Japanese salon shampoo chairs, creating a relaxing and comfortable feeling that can only be found at LYYM Hair Salon.

  1. Professional nail services 

In addition to hair services, LYYM Hair Salon provides professional nail services. We regularly update our nail designs to offer the latest trends. Customers receive advice on nail styles that complement their skin tone and personality. 

Moreover, all nail technicians at LYYM Hair Salon undergo professional nail courses. Their high skills, professionalism, and attentiveness are advantages that keep customers returning to the salon.

  1. Aftercare and hair service warranty

 LYYM Hair Salon cares about customer satisfaction and trust. Therefore, we always:

  • Listen to feedback from customers
  • Provide warranties for hair services and hair care treatments
  • Offer at-home hair care guidance to help customers maintain beautiful hair even after leaving the salon

To receive the best hair care, customers can choose one of the two LYYM Hair Salon branches:

Otsuka, Tokyo: Location: Tokyo, Toshima ku, Kita-Otsuka 2 -12-4-5F Oshima building Tel: 03-6903-6086

Kawasaki: Location: Kanagawa-ken, Kawasaki-shi, Saiwai-ku, Minamisaiwaicho 2-14-5 3F Tel: 044-522-2299

LYYM Hair Salon commits to providing you with a premium experience and customer satisfaction from the moment you step in.