LYYM BEAUTY SUCCESSFULLY ORGANIZES SEMINAR NO.11: BUSINESS MANNER On March 9th, 2024, Seminar No.11: Business Manner in Japanese Society organized by LYYM Beauty was a resounding success, receiving support not only from recent graduates but also from working professionals in Japanese companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals in the beauty industry. Seminar No.11 provided an opportunity to enhance communication skills for the foreign community in Japan Continuing the non-profit series aimed at educating and motivating the foreign community in Japan, which LYYM Beauty has been organizing for the past 2 years, Seminar No.11: Business Manner in Japanese Society served not only as a learning opportunity but also as a networking platform between businesses and individuals. The program aimed to educate and guide the community on the rules and etiquette of business behavior in Japanese society, providing knowledge and skills for individuals and businesses to adapt and succeed in the current and future work environments. Joining the discussion at this event were two speakers: Ms. Lý Mỹ Dung, CEO of LYYM Beauty and a beauty expert with nearly 10 years of experience living and working in Japan, and Ms. Kawabe Yayoi, a specialist in life skills and OMOTENASHI who has trained for major brands worldwide such as Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, and provided skills training for high-level employees in businesses and government agencies in Japan. Key activities at Seminar No.11: Japanese Social Etiquette At Seminar No.11, participants not only listened to the insights shared by guest speakers who are experts in business etiquette but also directly practiced with Ms. Kawabe Yayoi in common workplace situations such as visiting partners, daily communication, exchanging business cards, greetings, and smiling etiquette. Additionally, CEO Lý Mỹ Dung provided advice to young participants on personal development direction in the future and offered profound insights into Japanese business culture as well as the secrets of starting a business in this demanding market. Seminar No.11 also provided opportunities for people to meet, network, and build new relationships through networking activities and discussions to increase connectivity and create a comfortable and familiar atmosphere. At the end of the program, not only did participants gain valuable knowledge and experiences, but each participant also received a special certificate from LYYM Beauty. With the success of Seminar No.11, LYYM Beauty is committed to continuing to develop community projects in the future, especially for women. The goal of LYYM Beauty is not only to help foreigners adapt to the Japanese business environment but also to inspire women in their journey to maturity. Projects will focus on providing knowledge, skills, and resources for women, from organizing educational events to supporting business and personal development. Through these efforts, LYYM Beauty hopes to continue making positive contributions to enhancing the role of women in society.