Join LYYM Beauty in celebrating our 5th anniversary, reflecting on our significant milestones and pioneering vision in empowering women and bridging Vietnam with Japan and the world. When it comes to the beauty industry in Japan, LYYM Beauty is a name that cannot be omitted – not just a brand, but a mission. Over the past 5 years, LYYM Beauty has ceaselessly expanded, not only in the business aspect but also in driving positive change for the female community and fostering the cultural connection between Vietnam and the Land of the Rising Sun. With the memorable moments and the significance behind the four letters LYYM: Living, Yorokobi, Yaruki, Magokoro, let's look back at the formation and growth of LYYM Beauty. The History and Mission of LYYM Beauty:  Launch and Development May 15th, 2018 marked the initial steps of LYYM Beauty, starting as an advisor for OEM domestic Japanese production, followed by organizing community events, workshops, and establishing the LYYM Beauty Academy – the first recognized institution for foreigners by the Japan Esthetics Association. Another notable milestone was in September 2021 with the launch of Ba Con Trau, a restaurant providing authentic Vietnamese flavors in the heart of Tokyo – becoming a familiar destination for Vietnamese residents in Japan. Since the inauguration of our first Salon in October 2021, LYYM Beauty has ceaselessly grown and broadened its horizons. The inauguration of LYYM Beauty and Hair Salon in December 2021 affirmed our credibility in the beauty industry. Training Agreements and Operational Expansion August 2022 saw the robust growth of LYYM Beauty, not only in Japan but also at a training commitment ceremony in Vietnam attended by Presidents of Japanese beauty specialists. By December 2022, LYYM Beauty continued to reinforce its position in the beauty sector with the LYYM Hair Salon Kawasaki Franchise chain. Besides, we organized the Beauty Real seminar in collaboration with Naris Cosmetics, a 90-year-old Japanese cosmetic company, creating a professional and friendly playground for the beauty community in Japan. Professional Ethics and Perseverance:  Core Factors of LYYM Beauty LYYM is not only a company but also a family, a community. We believe that LYYM's strength comes from a dedicated, professional team who persistently pursue their dreams and relentlessly strive to achieve their goals. Moreover, our non-profit community activities, as well as creating job opportunities and enabling dreams, clearly reflect LYYM's core values. Education and Mindset  Along with creating quality beauty products and services, LYYM Beauty highly values community education about health, beauty, and mindset development. We organize free workshops, courses, and other community activities to offer women opportunities to gain closer access to the beauty industry in Japan, and more importantly, to become more confident, independent, and collectively contribute valuable assets to society. LYYM Beauty Vision Bridging Vietnam with Japan and the World LYYM Beauty is not just a beauty company but also a bridge connecting Vietnam with Japan and the world. We are always proud of LYYM's mission, and our team is consistently striving to create a solid platform for cultural, economic, and educational exchange. LYYM Beauty always looks towards the future, walks alongside women, opens new development opportunities, and becomes an inspiration helping women chase their dreams, unite and create beautiful values contributing to society. The Core Values of LYYM Beauty  We are committed to providing support, regularly organizing non-profit community events, and creating job oppor tunities for everyone. We always focus on creating real value, bringing opportunities, dreams, and connecting the community to generate beautiful values for society. Over the past 5 years, LYYM Beauty has incessantly grown, not only in terms of business but also in achieving our goal: connecting Vietnam with Japan and the world. We will continue to pursue our vision, and always uphold our core values: education, training, and progressive mindset. Let's continue to follow the journey of LYYM Beauty!