Lyym Beauty

Japan high quality Skincare products


This year, we launched a new brand that put our company name in brand name. A new brand LYYM BEAUTY is born

Taking care and listen to women ‘s demands and wishes to provide the best products. We use safe high quality ingredients  and Beni Placenta Cream with high quality placenta that has been researched for several years and gained a lot of good results

Research of advanced sciences

Lasting young and beauty !

Discover the beauty inside yours and beleive in yourself. Be confident be beautiful and be shine! You feel joy. It is the value that Lyym Beauty want to deliver to our valued customers

””I am Beautiful” concept. We are more beautiful than today!“

Beautiful YOU, Beautiful LIFE 


What Lyym Beauty ‘s Ideal has carefully handed down since its founding is 「MAGOKORO 」
What we are delivering to our customers is not just products
Through beauty proposal, in order to contribute to better lives of customers and society
We deliver ‘Magokoro’ along with our products
Lyym Beauty – we want to cherish the “”Magokoro”” is to be kind to people
To seriously think and practice what we can do for your beauty
We would like to give you good advices and to be as a good consultant to you.
Proposal of “Beauty” We are calling it “The True beauty”
We focus on the quality and good price to give you the best service as we our best can do
Think as we are you, to make the really needed products, and do our business with ideal of 「MAGOKORO 」

Lyym Beni Placenta

Our business

Brand cosmetic

LYYM cosmetics, the company name is used to launch a new brand cosmetic since 2018
Our mission is provide products with high quality and safety

OEM business

Manufacturing of original products as customer requirements and ideas
We support our business partners!



Okinawa 's GemBeni Placenta Concentrate Cream

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